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 The wireless network technology, a monitoring system is essential technology

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MensagemAssunto: The wireless network technology, a monitoring system is essential technology   Dom Set 18, 2011 11:21 pm

Wireless network video surveillance from the fetters of cable network, to overcome the difficult to realize the wiring in network video monitoring, therefore, use wireless mesh network construction technology for the security monitoring camera that platform is building intelligent visual content networking the inevitable choice of one.
Mainly used for monitoring system for important area of monitoring and control, video monitoring technology has set up a file in the power system, telecommunications equipment room, factory, urban transportation, water conservancy system, such as village public security areas to be more and more widely. Video monitoring system will employ the video files in real-time data transmission to the monitoring center, real-time dynamically report was, timely monitoring stations find problems and for processing. For example, the power system for substation and telecom unattended rooms facilities need to install the video monitoring system. Normally, because in a broad distribution decentralizing, within the scope of the monitoring center distance and further, use of the traditional cable even meet way, track laying costly but long construction period, or for physical factors, such as the cable is difficult to set up obstacles such as river mountains.
Things network camera technology in the rise and development of the traditional video monitoring also broke the narrow field, on the one hand, on into the deeper, the higher degree of information management, set up to share management platform, solve the interworking between the different departments of the problem; On the other hand things networking will make the original security monitoring system up to more intelligent level, whether from the video collection, management or application, especially monitoring camera with the high-speed ball camera system that comprehensive intelligence through intelligent technology more efficient handling. Content of the concept of network video monitoring development will make towards intelligent, digital and information of direction.
So far, things in the social networking technologies in the field of public safety integrated application of the time has gradually matured. Video monitoring technology is the thing networking technology is the important component of the main method has already become the security.
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The wireless network technology, a monitoring system is essential technology
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