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 Security monitoring industry benefit from promoting urbanization

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MensagemAssunto: Security monitoring industry benefit from promoting urbanization   Seg Set 12, 2011 11:50 pm

At present, the security surveillance camera market demand is gradually subject from America and Europe developed economies move to China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies. For emerging economies in the course of urbanization, produced in Ann and management from all the need to improve their security investment accelerated this round of emerging economies accelerating the process of construction safety will lead the security industry entering into a new round of high growth.
As the user to GaoQingHua, intelligence, and the monitoring of network camera demand rising, digital gradually replace analog devices, in fact, is to support the digital security monitoring industry of this round of high-growth killer application. Current ip video surveillance is in, the modulus from analog to digital system gradually mixed transitional stage, digital intensifies the industry centralize process. Domestic security monitoring equipment factory ShangYao have 2000 or so, in addition to the DVR, front and peripheral equipment market still badly dispersed, global scale, the market share of the Bosch than the largest share of the market accounts for only 5.5%, than expected with digital unceasing seepage, the future domestic companies have the opportunity for integration into the DVR manufacturers, due to compression algorithm and channel advantage has good conformity ability.
Dome Ip Camera manufacturers of industrial chain extension opportunity.
We will start service market is expected to call the police, video monitor manufacturers into the existing advantage. The market widely believe that government urban construction have peace to a certain stage, the future of the big hard to industry, high demand growth to slow. We think, on the one hand, and peace, the urban construction continues to advance, the Midwest / 2 three lines of deaths are accelerating urban construction; peace On the other hand, the government peace city construction is only safety industry with the electronic should be one of the areas, including transportation, power, telecom, park monitoring and other kinds of application is gradually start, estimated in the future only domestic video security monitoring the son of potential market space industry with 200 billion yuan or so, the domestic other Ann the son industry and overseas markets exist more potential space.
The performance of the industry catalyst:
Domestic Beijing city, the Midwest peace peaceful city construction speed up; The security industry standard launched; Influence of public security incident; India, Brazil, and other emerging market growth than expected. We have the most valued have independent compression algorithm, sales channel strong, good DVR manufacturers, growth has the ability to integrate positive value video monitoring equipment manufacturer. Apexis is listed as the focus of attention.
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Security monitoring industry benefit from promoting urbanization
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