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 Video monitoring review and the next 15 years development trend forecast

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MensagemAssunto: Video monitoring review and the next 15 years development trend forecast   Qua Set 07, 2011 5:02 am

Page 1: simulation technology transformation
In the past 20 years, the advent of digital technology bring into our lives changed. Although some people has yet to old phonograph and video recorder (VCR) simulation products such as read read, but for now does not forget to hundreds of thousands of young people, only to impress their digital technology. In these young people enjoy the deluge of digital products of the party will bring, who will become aware of the first Taiwan digital ip camera have yet been born only 15 years of history?
Simulation technology transformation
We can quote Moore's law to predict the future development. According to this law, under the condition of invariable in cost, a new electronic product performance every 18 months will be doubled. In the consumer electronic products, especially in personal computer and smart phones, Moore's law sufficient proved.
Network video advantage can be embodied in the imaging quality, system extensibility and easy to install, especially when installing more than 25 camera system, the optimal potential is outstanding. Hosting the appearance of the video is sharply reduced the application of network video threshold.
In the digital monitor product standardization, in view of the network video monitoring manufacturers (including Ann-and were in the support network, hd video camera product network interface open standard must be input (ONVIF), the author thinks that, ONVIF will become network video application programming interface (API) leading standard. At the same time, the author also expect concepts behind PoE, HDTV and SMPTE standardization will continue to have a significant impact on the video monitor.
The image quality and hd resolution
Although the ip video surveillance imaging quality is better, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The past 15 years, most of the improvement project is aimed at resolutions and frame rates and into line. The future of Moore's law, the performance of the image processing will be great improvement. The author expect this improvement can make ordinary monitoring camera shooting range depending on the wild broader than the naked eye.
For the whole video monitoring for the industry chain, every link from continuing to the research and development of the benefit of investment. In the technology upgrading, tube technology has been upgraded to a CCD sensor and CMOS technology. The next 15 years, CMOS or other new technology will be is expected to become the leading power. The new CMOS technology can achieve high resolution, from the first Taiwan to Terapixel (ZhaoZhao pixels) the camera was born. At that time, we used will be optical technology (optics), and not in the imaging quality of the limitations of sensor (be). But the foreseeable future 15 years, most of the camera with hd (HDTV) standard. Be that as it may, of course, we still can see several trillion pixels (and ZhaoZhao pixels) camera will play a more important role in higher, or more elaborate resolution save forensic test video, or personal hd video shooting. The advantage of network video is that resolution not limited.
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Video monitoring review and the next 15 years development trend forecast
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