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 New security pattern of video monitoring three development trend

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MensagemAssunto: New security pattern of video monitoring three development trend    Ter Set 13, 2011 11:53 pm

With digital network monitoring technology continuous city, security market has started to change the pattern of the digital products, in security key industries also the application field of more and more wide, are also increasing demand, ip video surveillance are changing with each passing day change. Probably speaking, video monitor development trend about divided into the following three aspects:
A large scale, GaoQingHua, IP turn. And There is no doubt that IT is no longer the security and slogan, but actual came to our side. IMSResearch video monitoring of senior research analyst and VCAGaryWong said, GaoQingHe 1 million pixel network camera development let hd video camera and SD (SD) between costs can be ignored. As can be expected, most Safety Monitoring manufacturer will be in the next 18 months eliminated SD (SD) camera. Network product sales are expected to more than 2014 simulation products.
Second, LianWangHua, intelligence. Remote monitoring, intelligence analysis, these words in the user demand has been the dominant status. Although intelligent video analysis of the product is still not mature, network bandwidth still restrict the security IT to turn of process, but networking flower, intelligent security development has become two directions of doubt.
Three, industry segment, quick delivery. At present, the monitoring range from surface, it has been extended from day to monitor positioning real-time monitoring, from passive to active monitoring, from extensive monitoring to identify accurate monitoring, can say surveillance industry trend is more and more obvious, and subdivide the industry segments will more and more fine, industry characteristics will be much more careful.
Judging from the quick delivery, although the system is more and more complicated, the user's individualized demand increased, need to the integration of the equipment are also growing more and more complicated, however, the system requirements of customers delivery of the cycle is more and more short, integrators, increasing the pressure on the risk increased delivery.
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New security pattern of video monitoring three development trend
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