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 Video monitoring development trend forecast in next 15 years

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MensagemAssunto: Video monitoring development trend forecast in next 15 years   Qui Set 08, 2011 2:49 am

Page 2: predict accurately the future is difficult
Accurately predict the future is the very difficult, because so many of the past five to 10 years of development forecasting are proved to be wrong. But I believe in the future, 15 years, intelligence analysis (analytics) will become the mainstream of development.
With the improvement of processing power, we will see intelligence analysis in the server and the terminal (cameras) get application, terminal the intelligent application will be more and more. The author recognize most of the intelligence for the future analysis technology will take in virtual storage system input data or hint of $information way. As for manufacturers, need to be in throughout the development process of the end user demand always consider, not a camera on each into a pile of the latest intelligence analysis technology, and expect project traders to solve all problems. Need to mention wake everybody is, apple is working to development and application software stores, hope to monitor market also can be drawn lessons from.
Industry development and social development trend of vertical
Today, we will see retail market has a DuoZhong security surveillance camera. As the network camera is the constant improvement, integrators and its users will find more applications. Urban surveillance, transportation and medical and health care industries applications will with monitoring system of higher efficiency and obtain the considerable development. The housing market is another concern direction. Although many people already trying to sell the family with a video camera, the author thinks that, along with the video hosting thorough application, family with a ip video camera will also be a big development window. In the video applications, will also be more supervision of, but for the camera Settings of the position of the request will be less. Camera system costs will deploy will be reduced, the main reason is the storage and installation costs will decline, and software costs also may be down. In view of the industry's growth and the emergence of new application, in the future, we will see in more emerging markets more camera products.
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Video monitoring development trend forecast in next 15 years
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