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 Video monitoring of shenzhen's largest commercial application storage solution is obvious

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Data de inscrição : 28/06/2011
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Localização : shenzhen/china

MensagemAssunto: Video monitoring of shenzhen's largest commercial application storage solution is obvious   Sex Set 09, 2011 11:51 pm

Ip video surveillance of shenzhen's largest commercial application storage solution is obvious
Qiang north street is the biggest commercial district, shenzhen city center has been formed much more centralized plan, format, the comprehensive function complete collection of business. Its south hongli agriculture machine to shennan road is 930 metres long, east up to YanNa Lucy huafu road is 1560 metres long, business district with a total area of 1.45 square kilometers, including electronics, electrical appliances, communication, watches and clocks, form a complete set, clothing, department stores, gold, bank securities, insurance, real estate, restaurants, dozens of hotel industry. The passenger volume reached 500000 times.
In order to strengthen the administration of peace and business district, business management committee has established the street about the security team concise. But because the case for stealing more than commercial street and rob, this kind of case and the concealment of the sudden is stronger. Security personnel cannot be handled in time this kind of case, such as security guards often found or rushed to the site, commit crime personnel to their heels. Even if caught two suspects, because a stolen goods would have been other associates transfer, the suspect refused to recognize, security personnel also took it can't. In order to reduce the incidence of the case, for the whole business circle to create a good business atmosphere, management committee at the time of the first by the electronic camera monitoring technology and high capacity data storage technology introduced disk array, a set of security surveillance camera storage solutions.
Commercial street in each intersection and the crowd gathering point install cameras, real-time dynamic monitoring the flow of the commercial street crowd, front camera image data compression of the collection after through TCP/IP network transmission to each machine video server server using video decompression card, this part of the data reduction, output clear image of painting, all the video face data through the SCSI cable save to NetStorDA series of SCSI disk array. The HotSpare disk array Raid5 plates of the protected mode, the most safe protection data. At the same time provide great disk array of storage space and satisfying user data preserves the demand of 30 days.
Application implementation effect
The capacity of the storage architecture of distributed disk array, improve the whole video transmission, and improve the efficiency of the storage of data protection capacity to protect the security of data store. The use of advanced network video monitoring technology, and strengthening the whole street security system. From installation, robbery, theft lodging a similar case incidence of extremely down, from psychological blow and shock the criminals.
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Video monitoring of shenzhen's largest commercial application storage solution is obvious
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