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 HD network camera installation and commissioning

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MensagemAssunto: HD network camera installation and commissioning   Qui Set 15, 2011 10:34 pm

In general, the security monitoring system installed on the hd video camera and an ordinary camera installation and commissioning is basically the same, but must pay attention to a good mirror Head matching, because the lens quality is not good, or bad option, will largely affect the clarity of the screen, such as: infrared night vision camera system The best selection of ir ip camea, and 1 / 3 inch CCD is generally used with 1 / 3 inch lens, 1 / 2 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1 / 2 inch lens, the lens installation Focus debugging must be fine, especially after the camera's focal plane to align, focus the lens often unclear cause image blur, reach high-definition Requirements.
Another network camera housings can not be ignored, gun-style front glass shield is not commonly used in flat glass, and must be a better optical glass , The general image of the resolution of a flat glass has a very powerful weaken the role, use ball-type casing should note that the spherical curvature of the transition must be smooth, the most It really necessary to align the lens on the edge of the shell, where a larger force of light refraction, or even seriously affect the clarity of the image. It is important that no matter What kind of casing, the lower the better the best light casings, casing of the lens to the distance as short as possible, so make the front of the camera's light pollution to a minimum, help Improve the clarity of the image.
From a practical point of view of products and system structure, megapixels basic molding grade high-definition applications, such as the front of the camera megapixels, transfer, interface, coding Image processing applications, output, display and other aspects of product technology, and application platform, according to the topic of analysis, basically have the operation Line basis. Although the industry was generally considered high-definition monitor the industry trends and market development to be, but the real market applications, existing categories Industry users have not prepared a specific real-world applications.
Based on current understanding of the information, the current day, as the tat, Sony, Axis, Hikvision, Apexis other company's products have been or are a core city of HD million used city-level network monitoring systems engineering, with an increase in cases of these applications, users will more and more high-definition monitoring system is not perceived The same graphics and the ability to show detail. Sample of cases by the demonstration effect of promotion to attract more high-definition image with high-end industrial users plus required Into camp this application, in particular, have a good in itself or a fiber-optic local area network resources, industrial users, they want to start high-definition network system applications, it is more Easy.
From the user's psychological point of view, they are for the clarity of the image is the primary concern. But they also worry about the past, with mixed digital-analog systems, we all feel Mature and stable, the operation is also handy, look up to megapixels of high definition, stability, how? Use of convenience? A failure is not very Easy to handle, or to project integrator to help deal with? Thus, the sample project application case is to dispel these users worry about the best way, and work samples Cheng also help manufacturers and engineering integrators to identify and solve specific application problems in the process, thus promoting the further improvement of products and systems.
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HD network camera installation and commissioning
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