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 How to determine the quality of the video surveillance system? (part 1)

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MensagemAssunto: How to determine the quality of the video surveillance system? (part 1)   Qui Set 15, 2011 2:00 am

As the city invested a huge network video surveillance systems, technical complexity, so the objective of the system before building the overall evaluation is very important. City alarm network video surveillance system is the basic characteristics of the overall investment in large, technically demanding, involving extensive user to connect many links. Overall, the city security monitoring camera of the basic principles of evaluation are: the system can meet the actual demand; system is manageable and maintainable; system without the ability to expand and upgrade, upgrade could provide the conditions for the intelligence function; system whether the capacity for sustainable development.
From the technical evaluation of the system includes 10 criteria:
1. Practical. System should take into account local environmental conditions, to monitor objects, monitoring methods, maintenance and investment and other factors, to meet the city network video surveillance alarm system for normal operation and public safety needs.
2. reliability and stability. System should be mature technology and reliable equipment, key equipment for backup or redundancy measures. System software maintenance support capability and strong fault tolerance and system recovery capabilities to ensure the stability of the system as long as possible, once the system fails to repair or restore as soon as possible.
3. Scalability. Should adopt a distributed system and modular design to accommodate the expansion of the system, functional expansion, supporting software upgrades. Users can always expand the system as needed or cut, reflecting sufficient flexibility.
4. advanced and inheritance. City alarm network video surveillance system is not possible to the original building to simulate a system based Yigai abandoned, the right approach is a good all-digital in the planning system under the premise as the original analog system incorporated. Ideal system is a seamless connection between the two do form a complete network of urban video surveillance.
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How to determine the quality of the video surveillance system? (part 1)
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