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 Network cameras in the chain management in the role

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MensagemAssunto: Network cameras in the chain management in the role   Qui Set 08, 2011 11:24 pm

In recent years, China's retail presented the vigorous development tendency, experienced from simple to complex, from low to high, from constructions, from single area to chain to trans-regional development process of the calendar. Retail stores began to quietly to retail chain road. However, due to the retail chain of its own characteristics-to dispersion, the owner of the chain in publicity, management, security, etc brings about many problems. This paper mainly talk about Network camera to retail chain management bring convenience
(1) remote management, cost saving
Retail chain has a strong dispersion, near the city of chain, it is far KuaShi, spanning provinces, and even step out of the borders, this will in the management of the chain has brought great not then. No doppelganger technique the owners, it is difficult to accurately understand the specific situation all over the shop. Along with the network popularization, the league, the application of micro network camera is completely can solve such a problem. Chain of the shopkeepers just landed in designated site, to enter your user name and password, never leave home, can understand each chain store at any time, and the real-time work for personnel working state, the store display and traffic condition, etc.
(2) unified standards, is the best image display
Chain stores have a consistent business, the display of unity, style, unified identification, unified distribution, unified service. Of all sorts of united requirements, this will give the shopkeeper in the management of trouble. But through the league's network of real-time ip video camera the attention, not only the shopkeeper can clearly understand the store, meanwhile, have also strengthened the chain store, enhance mutual learning communication chances.
Recent years, with the prosperity of the market economy, product homogeneity in fierce competition, it appeared in retail products especially. United's network cameras can play its micro unique advantage. Chain stores need to hang in the designated shop products, will the user name and password to the general consumers out, at any time to consumers to store the interest and store the supervision of the service, etc. This through the league, the network connection with consumers shop camera form of communication, not only effective will store chain to reveal the real image consumers, but also in the greater range of the store, the enterprise image of the effective propaganda.
(3) safety monitoring, management save worry
And commercial buildings, residential area of Chinese security equipment application was different, retail chain to increase quantity, scale, for over ten years, the retail chain pipe to safety has been no good reason attention. Investigate its reason, main is retail chain store more decentralized, and the vast majority of small shops, for scattered cannot achieve the concentration of commercial property security management. And the league's network, the appearance of the camera can be really solve the individual scattered retail chain security management.
Remote video monitor, monitor area set, images captured, time to record and text messages alarm function, and no doubt the existence of for retail chain security work a great convenience. United network of cameras, the regional care setting can real-time tracking care regions of all cases, once abnormality, network cameras can through text messages to a police report form user information, and automatic video recording. For the shopkeeper afterwards know the situation, to provide valuable material.
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Network cameras in the chain management in the role
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