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 Status of the network camera market analysis and marketing strategy

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MensagemAssunto: Status of the network camera market analysis and marketing strategy    Sab Set 03, 2011 12:01 am

Security Monitoring System has more than just wiring complex analog control system, but rely more on network-based ip video surveillance system. China's current network video surveillance market to module integration in the main, most projects still using the traditional analog cameras with digital encoder means, the promotion of pure ip products continue to face many obstacles and difficulties.
IP network camerasales are often required to provide a complete system solution, so that the manufacturers / system integrators a higher technical requirements.
Identify the target customer base
IP surveillance has the advantage of interoperability, remote monitoring and flexible networking. Led by the government agencies and public security "Green City" project, clear that the vast majority of network monitoring to choose. Financial and transportation industries in recent years has shown a clear demand for a large network, the network has undoubtedly become the first choice. Education sector is due to the improvement of network infrastructure, tend to network monitoring.
Marketing Strategy
First, make key industries / projects short-listed brands, particularly safe city, financial, and other short-listed mobile telecommunications work, the brand was nominated to enter the industry threshold.
Second, the strategic partnership building. Software vendors with a range of platforms form a broad strategic partnership to form a strategic alliance to create a good environment.
Third, market segments, to open up key sectors, focusing on public security, transportation, finance, telecommunications, prisons, oil, electricity, education and so on. These high-end quality for industrial users, through industry conferences, and other ways to promote and carry out technical exchanges, to learn about customer needs, meet customer needs to provide system solutions.
Fourth, the channel construction (dealer), through the project agent, product agent, the agent's client resources through market development and product sales.
Fifth, OEM / ODM construction. Some companies may focus on systems integration, will be relatively weak in the products, but also want to have their own brand, can be OEM / ODM approach to cooperation.
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Status of the network camera market analysis and marketing strategy
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