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 The special function of network camera

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MensagemAssunto: The special function of network camera   Sex Set 02, 2011 2:47 am

Turning to thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging of the difference, Hikvision product group director should be said, compared to conventional thermal imager, thermal imaging is now the network camera can be resolved before a single thermal imaging work, installation inconvenience requires a lot of manpower with the data can not be timely and effective belongs, not online real-time monitoring and other issues, can do the thermal imaging surveillance information into the Safety Monitoring , the real legacy-free large-scale weather monitoring. Through the network, you can return real-time thermal imaging image control center for analysis, as an effective complement to visible light cameras can monitor an object for, monitoring the scope of comprehensive coverage, timely and accurate processing, greatly enhance the real-time monitoring system, effectiveness.
It is reported that, PELCO and Bosch are also keen to smell the thermal imaging camera business, have introduced similar products. The emergence of thermal imaging camera network, also stimulated the traditional vendors of thermal imager performance improvements. Such as the end of February 2011, FLIR has released the latest E-series thermal imager. E-Series thermal imaging has excellent infrared diagnostic capabilities, but also combines industry-leading innovation. This series of thermal imager with advanced thermal diagnostics, specifically for factory equipment engineers, electrical engineers, and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and technical personnel, energy efficiency, auditors, inspectors and professional structure of heat such as designing and manufacturing division, can help them more quickly and easily identify problems, and through the top of the tool more effectively the problem of data transmission.
In addition, E-Series thermal imaging uses the industry's first WiFi connection without connecting to a large notebook computer, cable or mobile switching SD card, you can and iPod, iphone, iPodTouch other high-end products to achieve a perfect butt.
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The special function of network camera
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